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We work with you to individually tailor services to meet your specific care and support needs, giving you choice and flexibility in the way services are provided to you. Contact us directly or be referred to us by your carer, health professional or other service provider. Our services are provided on a fee for service basis. People with a disability or the elderly who meet funding criteria, may be eligible for some free services. Ask us today.

Direct Care and Support

Qualified, Reliable and Caring teams providing In-home, Community & Social, Nursing and Overnight Care and Support

Domestic Assistance and Homemaker Services

Laundry - washing, ironing
Kitchen - stove tops, bench tops, microwave, refrigerator
Bathroom - bathrooms, toilets
Light housekeeping - vacuuming, sweeping, mopping,
NCdusting, removing cobwebs, bed making, changing linen

Meal Services

Meal preparation assistance
Meal time assistance
Meal delivery - freshly cooked meals right to your door

Personal Services

Personal hygiene
Grooming - shaving, applying makeup, hair care
Mobility assistance, hoist transfers, getting in and out of bed

Community & Companion Services

Grocery shopping
Banking, bill paying, general errands
Escort to social outings/family gatherings
Lunch and coffee outings
Escort to theatre, movies and sporting events
Travel arrangements and travel companion
Day trips

Outreach Support

Improve and develop skills to maintain independence with everyday
NCactivities; cooking, meal planning, house cleaning, laundry and banking
Create and improve social networks and opportunities, become involved
NCwith others in the community
Link in to leisure and cultural activities
Build skills to use services within your community; banks, transport,
NCrecreation facilities, shops

Planned and Emergency Respite

In home support to give caregivers one-off or scheduled short breaks
Out-of-home temporary placement support to give caregivers a planned
NCbreak; such as for a vacation or scheduled surgery
In home or out-of-home emergency respite support due to sudden illness,
NCdeath or other unexpected circumstance

Social & Wellbeing Support

1:1 social visits
Checking in / Welfare checks
Isolation avoidance support
Companionship and social interaction
Walking / assisted exercise programs
Care and support for loved ones at difficult times


Transport and accompany to:
-medical appointments
-shopping, banking and general errands
-outings, community & family functions or events

Convalescent Care

Specialised care services to support illness recovery or after a hospital stay
NC(Home Services, Nursing Care, Physiotherapy, Nutrition)

In Home Nursing Support

Registered nursing services
Needs assessment and care planning
Condition monitoring
Provide updates to family members and physicians
Medication administration and management
Diabetes management
Dementia management/care
Wound management/care
Palliative care
Continence advice
Stomal therapy
Pain management
Chronic disease management
Nutrition and hydration support
Bowel and catheter care
Post acute care
24/7 in-home care

Post-Acute Care

Assistance when recovering from an illness or surgery
Showering, dressing, hygiene and grooming
In-home nursing support
Home care tasks
Meal preparation
General support and monitoring

Overnight Services 24/7 Support

Overnight assistance: active carer or in home sleepover carers
In-home professional overnight care staff services: domestic assistance,
NCpersonal care, nursing support
Support for carer breaks; (one off, occasional or regular)
Bedtime assistance to settle client for the night
Personal care assistance in the morning
Active monitoring
Attend to overnight needs, wellbeing and safety

Case Management and Service Planning

Achieve wellness and independence through planning, Case Management, Advocacy Services, Social, Health & Wellbeing Supports.

Assess your unique requirements
Plan care that meets your holistic needs
Custom-tailor your supports
Aged Care Ready options and solutions
Assistance with vital services to remain at home
Identify suitable service providers
Set up formal service arrangements
Setting up supports and implement changes to services when required
Assist with funding applications
Identify a range of services and supports to future plan
Improve health and wellbeing
Living independently
Finding a place to live; aged care, retirement living, independent
NCliving or respite
Identify funding / resources / administration options
Liaise with family members/ health practitioners to develop
NCindividual care plans

Establish service coordination plans
Coordination of funded and unfunded services
Coordinate services and service providers (social & community, health &
NCwellbeing, aged care, disability)
Monitor individual services and service outcomes
Monitor the implementation of coordinated services plans
Assist service providers to implement and monitor individual care plans

Intensive / Short Term
Comprehensive support planning (assessment, implementation,
NC monitoring and review)
Focused intensive short term responses to address immediate
NC or short-term critical needs
Coordination of supports to increase independence,
NCcommunity access and participation
Transitioning from hospital to home
Finding and connecting with the right local services

Complex / Long Term
Complex, specialised support planning
NC(stabilisation, assessment, implementation, monitoring and review)
Longer term management of complex situations requiring
NCintensive coordination across multiple service systems
Support to establish or retain accommodation
Comprehensive coordination and management of support services
NCacross multiple systems
Support for individuals with disabilities with complex or multiple needs
Review current support services are meeting needs

Support to communicate in difficult times
Rights awareness and protection
Exercise rights and control
Overcome barriers
Assistance to resolve issues
Links to legal and protective services

Medicare Bulk Billed Services
Consultations with General Practitioners
Health Management planning
Ongoing health care support
Chronic disease management
Collections - bloods/urine
Skin checks / Health checks
Acute health care
Men's health
Women's Health
Residential visits
Diabetes education
Residential visits
Fluvax clinics onsite
Nutrition education and Counselling
Complex health requirements

Health & Aged Assist

delivers Specialist Aged Care Placement Services as well as providing information about other support options for older people whether they are entering aged care or remaining at home.

At HAAA we provide services that assist people with:

Aged Care Placements
Permanent and respite care, including planned
N and emergency or urgent placements
Frail aged and dementia care placements
Behavioural support placements

When you are moving into Aged Care,
HAAA works with you to:

Find the most suitable aged care facility
Provide Aged Care financial information and education
Select suitable aged care homes for you to visit
Work out Aged Care payments and costs
Make an application to a home
Assist with aged care documents and contracts
Support you when moving into a home

We believe in working together to ensure your Aged Care Placement
Process is supportive and positive for you.

For more information about HAAA services
phone 1300 784 781 or visit
Encompass Medical Centre

Encompass Medical Centres
promote the health and well-being by providing accessible, high quality medical care for people of all ages.

Centres are located at:

533 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley
Phone: 03 8545 9955

880 High Street Road, Glen Waverley
Phone: 03 9803 1022

For more information about Encompass Medical Centres
or to book a medical appointment phone 03 8545 9955
or visit to make an online booking.